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Colorado Color
Acrylic on paper, framed 15 x 19
Original: $175
Forest Dreams
CD Calkins New Paintings
Many of the concepts and themes represented in current work were developed in a small format, and then built upon to create new series. 

Diane uses brayers, rollers, bubble wrap, kitchen tools and a variety of other materials with interesting textures to layer and build these experimental new paintings. She indulges the eye with lush layering of thick textures and patterns, allowing the image in the painting to reveal itself. Focusing on the emotional feeling she has throughout the application of her paint to develop an image, and occasionally with the first roll of her brayer identifing the story she intends to tell. With a bright color pallet and verve unrivaled by many other accomplished artists, Diane continues to bring new themes to her art and shares them with all of us.
Acrylic on paper, framed 18 x 15
Original: $175 framed
Acrylic & collage on linen, framed 24 x 12
Original: $300
Mending Fences
Acrylic on paper, framed 14 x 12
Original: $135 framed
Cosmos Fantacy
Acrylic inks on paper, 
framed 12 x 16
Original: $175 framed
Committed to creating art to dream about.
Acrylic on paper, framed 13 x 15
Original: $175
Destination in Sight